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Web & Social

Website design and build and social media set-up and management for Smith + Kennedy Architects.

Smith + Kennedy Architects is a long established architectural practice based in Dublin.
They provide Architectural services with emphasis on high quality contemporary design and professional service.

Their existing website was functioning well but had grown organically and they wanted a refresh. We examined what to keep, what to lose and how reorganise and present

OystercatcherTF was asked to design and build a more contemporary website for them. The site showcases some of their key projects on the home page as well as featuring their Five Principles; Listen, Consider, Design, Communicate, Deliver. The Principles are expanded on the About page where Joe Kennedy explains more about how the practice works in a short video. 

In total, twenty projects are featured and can be accesses by name or by visual cue.

Smith + Kennedy Architects weren't active on social media at the time but wanted an outlet for news and announcements of new and completed projects, so we incorporated a blog page on the site.

Because the visual material was so rich, and because when you have such valuable assets, it is important to make the most of them and show them off in as many places as possible, I encouraged them to set up social media accounts on Linkedin, Instagram and Twitter.



They hadn't the intention of being daily bloggers, but as architectural projects are generally quite long-term, might have new news only on a monthly basis. So we devised and managed a social media calendar with milestone posts for new or completed projects, but also filled the stepping stones in-between with edits of the Five Principles video as well as featured projects. 

Tracking activity on the website and social media platforms shows ongoing interest from an appropriate audience and a growing follower list.  

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