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Together we sparkle.

Last week, at another in the excellent RDS Economic Vision 2020 Series, Paul Drechsler, President of the Confederation of British Industry spoke about the impacts of a Brexit for the UK, Ireland and Europe. He spoke about the benefits of common standards, competitive advantage and the strength of community.

And last night saw the launch of - Ireland’s first blog aggregation site, which brings together bloggers from all around the island into one virtual room. It’s a fantastic idea. Seventy voices, opinions and observations all in one place.

In my co-working space I’m surrounded by a hundred or so people specialising in a wide variety of disciplines, largely creative-centred. Everyone is energetic, driven and self-motivated. As individuals they are admirable, powerful and talented. When they come together as a group, magic happens. Such as the line-up for Culture Night this evening - ten workshops and talks, which could grace any stage or venue, given for free by these talented people. The power of individuals coming together is astounding.

As individuals we may shine, but as a group, we sparkle.

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