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The shadow of The One Chimney.

This is a project from a couple of years ago. It still amuses me that there are so many people in Dublin who may not know they live, work and play in the shadow of The One Chimney.

A landmark of Dublin, the twin chimneys of the Poolbeg Power Station can be seen from most places in the capital. But the two chimneys don’t exist for everyone. As you move around the chimneys, if you stand in a certain position where they are aligned one behind the other, it appears that there is only one chimney.

So there is an invisible line - ‘The shadow of The One Chimney’ - right across Dublin where the two chimneys are one. This is an exploration of the places on that line, over a single day, from just inside the semi-circular M50 motorway east towards The One Chimney. 

Each page records the view towards The One Chimney, although it's often hidden, and records the exact spot where the photo was taken.

You can read the full document here.

(First published September 2017)

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