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Links, not chains.

Updated: Sep 21, 2018

Over the past fifteen months or so I’ve been lucky to meet many terrific people with a huge enthusiasm and energy for life. One of those was Stephanie Fitzgerald-Smith, International Project Coordinator at the Dublin Chamber of Commerce. I was delighted that Stephanie agreed to come into The Tara Building today to talk about some initiatives supported by the Dublin Chamber.

Firstly she spoke the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) - “the world’s largest support network for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with international ambitions” - a fantastic resource for international business activity. She also spoke about creating commercial links between Ireland and Asia, which will open up further with direct flights between Dublin and Hong Kong beginning next June. Her colleague Aoife Ngo told us more about the excellent Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs programme - an international exchange programme for new or aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from experienced entrepreneurs in other countries across Europe.

A previous post mentioned the Fourth Industrial Revolution. The EEN, the Erasmus programme, the opening up of trade with China - and our new way of working are all because of it. I stood at the top of O’Connell Street in Dublin and read the words on the monument to Charles Stewart Parnell: “No man has the right to say…thus far shalt thou go and no further.” - a quote I have always held dear. It’s truer now than ever.

This story contains links.

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