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Game on.

I was delighted to be asked by Derek McGrath and John Feehan to assist with the graphic, web and social elements for the launch of Sport2Sport.

Sport2Sport is a consultancy created by John Feehan and Derek McGrath to help sports organisations, event owners and brands navigate recovery of the sports industry post the Covid 19 crisis. The first task was to create a distinctive identity in a crowded environment. We settled on a combination of S2S with SPORT2SPORT as a subscript. It was created using a 2 colour kaleidoscope with a dynamic upward slice and offset. The diagonal slice gave an energy and dynamism inherent in sport. The creation of the logo using multiple parts represented the unit that is a team formed by its members - both on the sports field and in business.

Next we designed and built a website and associated social media platforms. The website sets out exactly what Sport2Sport is about and the experience and principles behind it. Consistently throughout we use the brand colours and devices.

Together we put together Linkedin and Twitter accounts and built a social media calendar. After a huge surge at launch, we are keeping the audience growth bubbling along with regular posts and blog articles. I wish Derek and John all the best with this exciting new venture and will continue to assist where I can. The team is assembled. Game on. Website twitter @sport2_sport Linkedin Sport 2 Sport


John Feehan & Derek McGrath photo: Terry McDonagh

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