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Cycle Kilkenny logo design

Delighted to work with Kilkenny Leader Partnership to create branding for a community initiative promoting cycling in the city and county under the name 'Cycle Kilkenny'. The logo uses a classic bicycle icon superimposed over the letters KK in the font DIN Black. Above and below this mark appear the words CYCLE KILKENNY also in DIN Black Caps. The intention is that the core mark remains as a stem, but can be used to accommodate individual cycling initiatives such as school bike buses, forest trails, events, etc.

The brand ‘Cycle Kilkenny’ is part of the Cycling in the City (CITC) initiative – with the intention of improving the conditions for existing and intending cyclists in Kilkenny city and county and generally promoting the awareness of cycling and cycling culture and its existing and potential value. The ‘Cycle Kilkenny’ branding and logo mark is intended to be seen wherever cycling is encouraged throughout the city and county, for both public and private schemes, from bike paths and trails to street furniture and private business initiatives.

The design, deliberately works in single colour to allow use in other colours, the black and amber of Kilkenny or, as in this social media post, in green for a March cycling initiative.

It is intended to also work as a stencil, to allow easy single-colour branding on materials such as tarmacadam cycle paths.

Instagram @cycle_kilkenny Facebook @cyclekilkenny

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